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We have some old stock at half price. These are new, fully functioning doordefenders that have been returned or had their boxes damaged. If you are interested please email us


Magnetic car door protection


NOTE: Doordefenders are magnetic. They will stick to steel car doors. PLEASE TEST if your car is magnetic before ordering. To test if your car is compatible, wrap a fridge magnet (or any magnet) in soft cloth and check if it is attracted to your car. Note: Will not work on carbon fibre or aluminium car panels, rubber guards or plastic moulding.

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  • Protect Your Car from Dents

    Removable magnetic super strong protection.

  • Easy To Use

    Apply or remove doordefenders in seconds, store in the boot of your car.

  • Quality & Security

    Doordefenders are made using expensive components and provide robust protection for your vehicle.

  • Exclusive UK Distributor

    We are the only authorised distributor of Doordefender in the UK. International shipping also available. is a sub brand of Prestige Classic Limited.

  • Magnetic Flexibility

    Doordefenders may be orientated in any way. Use additional Doordefenders for Ultimate protection.