door defender

Magnetic car door protection


NOTE: Doordefenders are magnetic. They will stick to steel car doors. PLEASE TEST if your car is magnetic before ordering. To test if your car is compatible, wrap a fridge magnet (or any magnet) in soft cloth and check if it is attracted to your car. Note: Will not work on carbon fibre or aluminium car panels, rubber guards or plastic moulding.

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  • Protect Your Car from Dents

    Removable magnetic super strong protection.

  • Easy To Use

    Apply or remove doordefenders in seconds, store in the boot of your car.

  • Quality & Security

    Doordefenders are made using expensive components and provide robust protection for your vehicle.

  • New Suction Cup Doordefnder

    Works on any car

  • Magnetic Flexibility

    Doordefenders may be orientated in any way. Use additional Doordefenders for Ultimate protection.

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