Suction Cup ADD ON for Doordefender


Do you ever worry about getting nasty dents and dings when parking? Doordefenders can protect your vehicle from damage.


INTRODUCING the new suction cup ADD ON to the magnetic Doordefender. !! NOTE: Doordefender not included, this page is for 6 X suction cup add ons. NOTE: Only suitable for Doordefender sold on or after June 2020 !! Many new cars have non magnetic Aluminium or carbon fibre door panels, which is why we have introduced the new suction cup add on to Doordefender.


The Suction cup add on may be added to all Doordefender sold after June 2020.  Works on any car. The Suction add on allows Doordefender to be applied to any car and has been requested by many customers. The suction cups will grip strongly and have been tested to stay in place firmly for at least 4 weeks but are easily removed when you need, using the tab on the suction cup.


! PRICE SHOWN IS FOR ONE RETRO FITTING TO A SINGLE DOORDEFENDER ! ! This listing is for 6 X suction cup add ons. Each Doordefender made after June 2020 has 6 X holes in the back to allow the suction cups to be fitted.


Doordefenders are of the highest quality and will do the job . The foam pads have a thickness which can take any size of a bang from another door or shopping trolley. Please ensure the car and the suction cups are clean and dirt free before use.


Much less expensive than fixing a dent, ding or scratch, doordefenders provide you a lifetime of resistance and are well worth the investment. Dents, dings and scratches can reduce the value of your car. Install removable suction doordefenders and avoid costly dent repairs. For car lovers, door defenders are the perfect gift and will guarantee satisfaction. They do the job and feel like a quality, thoughtful and special present. A great gift for multiple members of a family.


Doordefenders with suction cup add ons may be added or removed from the car within seconds. The suction cups are strong enough to hold the doordefender securely but they may be removed by pulling the suction cup tab. The canvas finish is waterproof and easily cleaned & maintained. Doordefenders may be kept in the boot and do not attract dirt or stones.


  • Protect

    Protect your vehicle doors with doordefenders with suction cup add on. Keep your car side panels baby clean for a lifetime. In tests adjacent car users actually take additional care around your vehicle.

  • Quality

    Doordefenders are of the highest quality using expensive components with a luxury feel. The item is Robust and has no moving parts and has been shown to last over 10 years and counting.

  • Storage

    Store in your boot, covers the auto doors, front and rear. A padded strong foam interior acts as a bumper strip to protect your cars quality door paintwork from direct hits from other cars parked beside you.

  • Easy

    A single door defender consists of two pads, each of length 71cm, connected by a fixed steel security cable with anti scratch protective coating. A second steel slim scratch resistant security cable with Robust anti theft rub free ball fastened securely, sits inside the car and may be positioned comfortably on the seat or floor. The cable is thin enough to go through the car door edge lining providing protection from theft.

  • Suitable

    Suitable for 4 door or two door cars. Defenders may be orientated in any way to give maximum protection in different parking situations.

  • Warranty Cover

    We will take the doordefender back within 30 days for a full refund if you change your mind, no questions asked.

The Doordefender is perfect for protection of your car from nasty dents.

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